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What has emerged is a handful of best-practice principles that run through all the best programs at both corporations and nonprofits.

Leadership Development

Unfortunately, only a small number of nonprofits are practicing and sharing these guidelines. The Model for Learning and Development is one example. We need to learn how to take advantage of these kinds of principles so that we can get the most from our limited leadership development resources. Most nonprofits can achieve high-quality leadership development if they have courageous leadership. Designing and implementing a highly effective leadership development program is actually relatively simple. It is also quite hard—hard, because it requires courage. A great program will create a deep pool of talent and ready successors for important roles.

As a nonprofit executive leader myself, it can be unnerving to work with one or more people on my staff or board who will soon be ready to take my place; being indispensible is in many ways much more comfortable.

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Again, it takes courage to move an employee from a role in which he is highly successful to another where he is less proven, even if it is the right development opportunity. Great leadership development programs also tend to focus limited resources on employees who are considered the most capable of becoming future leaders. It takes courage to choose which of your employees is going to get outsized attention because of her high leadership potential, and which will not; those you do not select may get angry or even quit. An effective leader is expected to confidently analyze multifaceted situations and quickly make informed, responsible decisions, all while juggling the day-to-day.

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Strategic Decision-Making helps you overcome the urge to rely on impulse and become a leader who can efficiently and reliably address complex problems. Leaders have a responsibility to design and implement a strategy for their team or business function. Yet, not all leaders understand their role in this process.

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Strategy Fundamentals provides you with the foundational knowledge to plan an effective strategy, and, ultimately, contribute to the advancement of your organization. Most organizations underestimate the challenges that come with strategy implementation and find that comprehensive and consistent execution occurs less frequently than desired. Executing Strategy for Competitive Advantage teaches you how to navigate internal resistance and shifting external conditions to enact a strategy that drives superior performance.

As leaders become more experienced, overreliance on past strengths and approaches can inhibit growth and effectiveness. Intentional Leadership reveals self-limiting habits and perspectives to allow for a more connected, more purposeful, and more rewarding experience of leadership.

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In order for an organization to survive and thrive, change must occur. However, change is a disruptor and frequently viewed as a potential threat. Sales is a rapidly evolving field. Buyers are smarter than ever and automation is changing customer purchasing behavior. The Talent Management Institute provides you with the simple, science-based, talent-building processes that drive performance and outcomes business leaders want.

The Power of Professional Presence teaches you how to use presence to communicate, influence, and inspire—ensuring others see this quality when they interact with you. Under pressure to perform and achieve growth, many organizations naturally focus on the development of new products and services.

The best organizations focus on optimizing the customer experience. Customer-Driven Marketing teaches contemporary best practices in marketing strategy, equipping you to put the customer first and facilitate growth. As data transforms the business landscape, organizations now have access to a wide range of information.

Leading with Analytics provides you with the critical knowledge and skills to best leverage data and use it most effectively. Constant disruption is threatening business longevity, and organizations must invest in future-proofing and innovating. Leading with Innovation helps you examine how to creatively respond to the unpredictable, competitive marketplace, in order to evolve and create new and different opportunities. Every day, as organizations push for growth into new markets, add new customers, products or services, and adopt new processes, they struggle to manage complexity.

Eli Teram, Dr. Wes Shera, Dr. Lamine Diallo, and Dr.

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Nancy Freymond for their support and guidance during the dissertation research study. I would also like to thank Dr. Teram and the reviewers for their helpful feedback and suggested revisions to the draft manuscript. Lastly, I would like to thank the directors and supervisors who participated in this study, for sharing their considerable knowledge and experience with us.

Leadership Development

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