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Even by Supernatural standards, snacking on the brains of people driven to suicide is pretty grim, and might just be the most brutal depiction of the creature in all of pop culture. It's also a pretty big departure from the banshee as originally known from Irish mythology, but Supernatural shouldn't feel bad about getting this one wrong, since pretty much everyone else does, too. In folklore, the banshee's loud scream is not harmful in itself.

Instead, these particular spirits are wailing in sadness as they predict someone's death, or herald the death of an absent loved one. It's not the cause, it's a reaction of sadness, which makes the banshee a much more tragic figure.

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In fact, a 17th century noblewoman named Ann Fanshawe wrote in her memoirs about encountering such a creature : "I saw, by the light of the moon, a woman leaning into the window, through the casement, in white, with red hair and pale and ghastly complexion: she spoke loud [ I was so much frightened, that my hair stood on end, and my night clothes fell off.

Sure, it seems unlikely — especially the part about how Lady Fanshawe was so scared that she was suddenly nude — but to be fair, Ann's memoirs also included the earliest recorded European recipe for ice cream. If you can't trust the lady who realized ice cream was something to write down, then who can you trust. Have you ever noticed that Supernatural mainly features evil creatures who just happen to be able to look like regular human beings, or at least as regular as the CW's Vancouver-based casting office can supply?

It's almost as though the Winchesters' adventures are constrained by budgetary concerns. Anyway, there are plenty of monsters for whom that makes perfect sense. Vampires and werewolves are only recognizably non-human some of the time, for instance, and more obscure creatures like Lamia are at least mostly human in appearance. For some, however, showing them as a straight up two-legged person is a monumentally bizarre choice, which is what viewers ran up against in Season 13, when a bunch of Norse gods showed up and started hanging around. Sure, we're used to seeing that dude walking around.

Odin and Thor? They've been depicted as a couple of hairy human-ish fellas since at least the 13th century. But Sleipnir? As you may already know, Sleipnir, despite being someone that Loki gave birth to after a particularly eyebrow-raising round of shape-shifting, is not exactly man-shaped in the traditional mythology.

He's a horse. A horse with eight legs. A horse with eight legs whose hooves struck the Earth and created a canyon feet deep. On the show, he's just a dude who eats a carrot at one point, and while that's fine, we can't help but feel a little cheated that we didn't get a murder mystery where one of the suspects was just a gigantic spider-horse with no explanation. Yet another Supernatural enemy who mysteriously takes a budget-friendly human form in order to prey ion its victims is the Crocotta, which shows up in season 3.

The big difference here is that it when it feeds on people, it can unhinge its jaw and reveal a mouthful of needle teeth, which is a pretty neat effect. Here's the thing, though: the "real life" Crocotta, lifted from East African and Indian folklore, is actually way easier to put in a live-action TV show than most of the other monsters that Supernatural has had to hammer into human form, like eight-legged horses or giant tiger monsters with backwards hands.

In fact, they might even be easier to put on the show than dudes with creepy needle mouths, because the original Crocotta is Like, that's it.

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It's just a dog. Okay, so it's actually a dog that can talk and — like the show — mimics a human voice to lure its victims to their deaths, which has its origins in the hyena and the fact that they kind of sound like people laughing. Really, though, Air Bud technology has existed for decades and, again, they did a whole episode that crossed over a famous talking canine who is also a cartoon, so it's not like Supernatural couldn't have given us a talking, man-eating dog if they'd wanted to.

Of course, then they would've had to deal with having an episode where our heroes kill a talking dog with knives, so it's probably for the best that they went with Needle-Mouth McGee instead. Sometimes, the only thing that carries over from myth and legend into Supernatural is a name. Such is the case for Dagon: on the show, it's a fairly standard-issue demon, albeit a pretty powerful one. As one of the Princes of Hell, thrown in with better-known demons like Azazel and Asmodeus, Dagon has all the powers you'd expect, plus the uncanny ability to melt a gun that can kill anything, which is the sort of thing that comes in awfully handy if you're going to spend your time fighting professional demon-killers.

Off the screen, Dagon is an ancient god who goes back about 4, years to ancient Mesopotamia, but is more more commonly known from a cameo appearance in 1 Samuel, chapter 5. If you're not up on the Old Testament, the short version is that the Philistines stole the Ark of the Covenant and brought it to a temple of Dagon, only to find that when they showed up the next morning, the statue of Dagon had fallen over, as though bowing to the Ark. One of H. Lovecraft's earliest stories was 's Dagon , in which the narrator encounters both a monolith and one of Lovecraft's typically horrifying Deep Ones, describing it thus: "Vast, Polyphemus-like, and loathsome, it darted like a stupendous monster of nightmares to the monolith, about which it flung its gigantic scaly arms, the while it bowed its hideous head and gave vent to certain measured sounds.

Aside from Sam and Dean Winchester, the most prominent member of the cast of Supernatural is Castiel, the angel who fished Sam out of Hell back in Season 4 and became so beloved by fans that he wound up sticking around for the next decade. He's not the only angel to show up on the show by a long shot, and since they inhabit mortal forms while they're hanging out on Earth, it's rare that viewers ever actually get to see what they really look like. On those rare occasions that we do, however, we get beings composed of a brilliant light, complete with the occasional wings.

Presumably, this is because the show's budget would have a difficult time with gigantic wheels made of fire that are covered in a thousand eyes, because that's the actual description of God's heavenly pals that shows up in the Bible. Or one of them, at least — just like on the show, there are plenty of different kinds of angels described in books like Ezekiel, Daniel, and Isaiah, and most of them are way weirder than anything the CW could handle.

Cherubim, for instance, are not the friendly naked babies that make people fall in love, they're creatures with four wings, brass hooves, and four faces: a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a human who may or may not resemble Misha Collins.

To bring it back to Cass, he's promoted to the Seraphim in Season 5, and while he cracks a joke about his true form being a hologram that's the size of the Chrysler Building, the capital-C Canonical description of the Seraphim is a little different. According to Isaiah, the Seraphim are relatively Misha Collins-shaped, but with six wings.

Two for flying, two for covering their faces, and two for covering their "feet," which might be weird Bible slang for his ding-dang. That does not happen on the show, but there is definitely fan-fiction about that. While we're on the subject of angels, we have Raphael. While he's not the biggest troublemaker the Winchesters have encountered, he's popped up in various plots, and even once attempted to restart the apocalypse after it had been prevented.

And yes: the fact that someone can literally attempt to cause the apocalypse and not be considered one of the Winchesters' worst foes should give you an idea of just how terrible their lives can get. Having learned that Guthrie is a former Crossroads Demon, Rowena knows he has the ability to teleport and uses her position as Crowley's mother to trick Guthrie into thinking that Crowley is having her order Guthrie to get it for him.

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Guthrie reluctantly steals the First Blade before Crowley can get to it, but refuses to give it to Rowena, instead choosing to give it to Crowley himself. In retaliation, Rowena kills Guthrie with an angel blade but is interrupted by Crowley before she can get the First Blade from his body. Rowena invents a cover story where Guthrie was plotting against Crowley which he believes because of his nightmare.

Rowena is also able to use Guthrie's "betrayal" to cause Crowley to hesitate in handing over the First Blade to the Winchesters. Harrington is a minor demon appearing in season 13 that is loyal to Asmodeus.

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In "The Rising Son," Harrington is one of the demons in the throne room of Crowley's former palace following Lucifer's disappearance. When the Prince of Hell Asmodeus arrives to take control of Hell until Lucifer or his son can be found, Harrington is one of the demons that Asmodeus spares from a summary execution alongside Sierra and Drexel. As Sierra goes after the Winchesters, Harrington goes after Donatello and pins him to a wall as Harrington prepares to stab the man.

Harrington is spotted from down the hall by the Winchesters and Dean throws an angel blade into Harrington's neck like a throwing knife , killing Harrington. The move surprises and impresses Sam and Donatello while Dean comments how housekeeping will not be pleased to have to clean up Harrington's body. Despite appearing mainly in female vessels, Jael is specifically referred to as male by characters. Possessing a young First Nations girl, Jael was exorcised by Asa. However, due to his sadistic tendencies, Jael brutally murdered the girl he was possessing before Asa could finish exorcising him.

Jael was eventually able to climb back out of Hell and targeted Asa for revenge, murdering people who Asa cared about in sick and twisted ways and leaving their bodies in the forest for him to find. In , Asa hunted Jael through the forest near his home with his best friend Bucky. The two men got into an argument about the hunt as Asa was not armed with his angel blade, the one weapon that could kill Jael.

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The argument ended with Bucky accidentally killing Asa when he hit his head on a rock. Bucky framed Jael for Asa's murder, unaware that the sadistic Crossroads Demon had witnessed the incident and was enraged that he himself could not kill Asa.

In retaliation for Asa's murder at hands other than his own, Jael began targeting the hunters at Asa's wake, magically trapping them in Asa's home and possessing Alicia Banes to kill one. Though originally trapped outside, Dean Winchester got back in with the help of the Reaper Billie and eventually found Jael in the body of hunter Elvis Katz.

When Dean began an exorcism, Jael snapped Elvis' neck so far his head faced backwards and vacated his body. Jael next possessed Sheriff Jody Mills and attempted to convince the Winchesters that their mother was possessed and they had to kill her. The Winchesters quickly saw through "Jody's" strange behavior and Jael revealed himself. Unable to kill Jael without harming Jody also, the hunters were handicapped and quickly defeated by Jael who telekinetically pinned them to the floor.

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Jael took great pleasure in prancing around revealing everyone's darkest secrets, but when he focused his attention on Bucky, his grip on the other hunters was broken. Sam quickly began an exorcism, but was flung away by Jael. Dean picked up the exorcism and then Max and Alicia Banes when Dean was knocked out, but they were defeated as well.