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Help me to understand how much you have forgiven me, so I can forgive the person who has hurt me. I tried to put it aside, to rationalize it, even to blame myself for it. It was poisoning my spirit.

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Then one night I cried out to God realizing that this burden was too big for me alone. I laid the pain and anger and hurt at His feet, and He lifted the burden from me.

How to Practice Forgiveness in Marriage

With the help of a counselor, minister, or another professional, you need to seek to understand what happened to you when you were hurt and why it hurts so much. When we realize we can be forgiven for everything we have ever done, it is then we are able to begin forgiving the people in our lives who have hurt us. Try to focus on the good things the experiences have provided you with, however tiny they may be compared with the wrongs the person has done to you.

Let go of your deep desire to get even with the person who has violated you. Come up with a prayer or statement announcing your decision. I make a commitment that when those sordid feelings come over me again, I will release them. I admit the feelings are real, but I choose not to be controlled by them any longer. Instead I will dwell on the good things I have learned from this experience. Look at them first, as a tragedy.

In one sense they should be pitied. Bottom line is, because of their violation against you they have suffered, are suffering, and in the end will suffer far more in this life, or the one to come. One way to show compassion is to pray for the person who has hurt you.

Pray that good things come to them. Wish them well. If you are going to talk to someone about how the other person has hurt you, make sure this person is a professional or a wise person you can trust. But I am letting [God] take it from my hands and letting Him handle it. Related Posts: What Is Forgiveness?

In conclusion, forgiving someone who has hurt you could be the greatest challenge of your life.

Rethink Your Definition of Forgiveness

But if you choose to forgive, you will join those who are not being destroyed by bitterness, anger, hurt or other toxic emotions. There is nothing quite like living in peace, knowing you are a forgiving person. May God bless you as you seek to be a truly loving and forgiving person. What do you do when, in the course of your life, you have been hurt by others — over and over again?

As a child I was physically abused by my mother, sometimes severely. I thought I knew what I wanted. Mostly, at nineteen, I wanted to be in love and out from under my parents' expectations. He wanted a wife — and a son. Thankfully, in that order. I may have known what I thought I wanted, but I certainly got a lot more than I bargained for, in the end.

I could candy-coat our lives together, and paint the truth prettier. I could minimize the effects — compare my life to others who suffered far worse trauma at the hands of their spouses. After all, I was never beaten, well, not physically. I had a roof over my head and food on the table. And as far as the rest of the world was concerned, I had a loving husband, a good provider. I remember the shy, sheltered young woman I once was, who believed her marriage vows.

She accepted what she was told, and followed the rules, no matter how often they changed without notice or seemed to make no sense.

Forgiveness Guided Meditation - Forgive others, forgive yourself By Jason Stephenson

At least outwardly, she tried to be the person she was told she should be. But deep inside, she was clinging on to a few cherished dreams and hoping for escape. From the frying pan to the flames …. And I remember the overweight, beaten-down, self-loathing and suicidally depressed person I became, who finally pulled together enough shreds of courage and desperation to get the hell out. I wish I could tell you everything worked out. I escaped. I got out and turned my life around and went on to thrive and blossom.

Not even close …. You can see why learning to embrace solitude after a number of failed relationships seemed to be the smart choice. Even the hardest ones — the lessons which hurt the most are the ones we never forget.

4 Ways to Truly Forgive and Forget

Gratitude for the love of family and friends. Gratitude for comments which pissed me off but made me step back, pull my head out and take a second look.

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Made me work harder. Made me willing to take more risks. So, how do I do it?

4 Ways to Truly Forgive and Forget

Forgive someone who caused me so many years of pain? How do I forgive the man who drove me away from my child? Even thinking about forgiving him, part of me wants to throw a tantrum — a full-blown lie-on-the-floor-screaming- and-kicking outburst. Full-bore two-year-old. Except with words no two-year-old ever spoke. Not your simple, every-day eff-this. He made his choices. And I made my choices. I did the best I could with what I had.