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Most people in sales have 2 primary functions. One is taking care of existing customers … keeping their loyalty and maximizing their potential. Not always easy. The other function is finding new business. No matter how well you nurture your existing customers, stuff happens.

The market changes or collapses. Companies get bought out. Management changes. Your white knight moves on. There are hurricanes and blizzards. You screw up. Always have a contingency plan to cover the losses. The hummingbird not only protects her existing food source. She is constantly looking for new sources.

Learn from her and do the same. Take care of your current customers, but always be prospecting for new ones. Know what you need to sell every month. Spell out where the business will come from and what actions you need to take to make it happen. I have always had a love and appreciation for hummingbirds. Your photography of these creatures is amazing and I hope someday to have one stay long enough to get a photo of my own.

Thanks for sharing! Your photos are such a delight, Donna! I spent a lot of time this summer trying to get a few decent photos of them, but much more time just enjoying their antics. But mostly they taught me to be patient and to drink in those simple moments of pleasure. I hope they all made a safe journey south! Super captures of such a quick bird. They teach me patience when trying to photograph them.

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I had a record number this year, over 20 of them in August. They are so amusing to watch…almost like children. Ohh what gorgeous photos, these little hummers are one of my favorite birds and we dont get them in the UK. Thanks so much for sharing them, they make me happy too to just see such great piks of them. Beautiful shots! I say one since every time another hummingbird comes into our gardens she chases them away. We were very blessed this summer, here in southeastern Canada, we had several of them come to the feeder and at least 3 must have nested not far because we saw them all the time.

Great lessons and great pictures! Hummingbirds are so beautiful. I should correct that by the time the season rolls around again! Hummingbirds are to me such a symbol of love and magic:! This picture took my breath away! Thank you for sharing it :! Fantastic pictures of the hummingbirds! However, they liked feeding on a mix of annual and hardy plants — trumpet honeysuckle, Pentas, Monarda, Cuphea, etc.

Thanks for the tip about wearing red! I was a little choked up reading this post. I miss the hummingbirds. With the new perching feeder I put up, it was a lot easier to watch them and get attached to them. But the perching feeder made it so much more fun to watch them. And like Jason, I had more here than every before. Amazing photos, Donna. Well you hit on two of my favorite things with this one—hummingbirds and the Emily Dickinson poem about hope.

Very nice post and photos. Blessings, Natalie. Dear Donna, such nice pictures!!! I love hummingbirds but we do not have them in Europe.

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The only time I saw them was in the Caribbean, and I was so surprised how small they are! Like a butterfly!

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Thanks for all the information you gave me with your post! Pingback: A couple of bird pictures to start Your Week… I see beauty all around by rob paine. I adore my hummers and put up feeders even though they had plenty of flowers…they used the feeders and especially in late September as they readied to head South. I miss them already…fabulous lessons to learn from these lovely creatures. Hello my friend. This is not just advice to the Federal Reserve Board or multinational corporations; it is good advice for all of us.

Ordinary people like you and me are the real economists: even though we may not realize it, we all have a choice between consumption oriented and sustainable economics. How will this affect our grandchildren? Before we buy something that might pollute the environment, before we take an unnecessary trip, before we do anything that might leave the Earth a less secure, less green place for our children and grandchildren to grow up in, let us ask that simple question. We are the ones who will decide what kind of Earth we leave them.

Spiritual Lessons I Learned From a Hummingbird

In that sense, we are their trustees, and the first term of the trust is that we are trustees of their environment. It is up to us to see that the environment those children inherit will be at least as healthy as the one we inherited. These two cannot be separated. We can discover and learn to use the restorative powers of nature — its cooperative principle, its thrift and artistry, its compassion — only by discovering and using these powers in ourselves.

In this process, every crisis becomes an opportunity to learn what nature is teaching us about life and ourselves. It is not so much a duty as an adventure — an adventure in which we discover that, like every other living creature, each of us is a unique and essential member of a compassionate universe.

As my grandmother once told me, the elephant does not know how big it is because it looks at the world through such tiny eyes. We too are unaware of our tremendous power to change things. But once we open our eyes to cooperation, artistry, thrift, and compassion, we begin to see thousands of little things we can do to help restore the environment — and restore dignity and deeper fulfillment to our own lives.

Each of these things — each "tremendous trifle," to use G. Trusteeship as a way of life is an artistic combination of great comfort and great simplicity: using minimum means to achieve maximum joy, without ever hurting nature. The personal benefits are enormous. You can slow down a little. You have time to go to the beach with your children and bask in the beauty of the sea, to listen to the birds and admire the sunset, to watch the stars appear in the evening sky.

Hummingbird Facts For Kids - Clever Cat Free Preschool Learn Facts About The Hummingbird

I am not speaking theoretically. A group of friends and I have been doing our best to live this way for the past twenty years. We all lead active lives, some holding jobs as doctors or teachers or carpenters or artists, others raising families, and all of us enjoying the benefits of modern life. We have found that making changes brings us together as friends and makes us healthier and more secure, knowing we are helping to make the Earth a little greener for all children to grow up in.

The lesson of the hummingbird is that beauty and nobility are to be found not in having more but in having just what is necessary.

The Lesson Of The Hummingbird

To be trustees, there is no need to live in misery or to give up the things we need for a long, healthy, enjoyable life. Nobody need deprive him or herself of legitimate comforts, of equipment for work, of attractive clothing, good schools or healthy entertainment. Who goes there? Are you a friend to all of life? Do you contribute to my health and the health of all creatures? If so, you may pass. If you injure me or those around me, even if you are tempting, go knocking elsewhere. You will find no welcome here.

Regardless of what Madison Avenue tells us, our real hunger is not for things but for a higher image of ourselves. No amount of material possessions will ever make us secure or fulfilled. They will help the environment, and they will help us discover just a little more of our own capacity for cooperation, thrift, artistry, and compassion. In scientific terms, they are a way to start testing the hypothesis of a compassionate universe. Nevertheless, it is important to be realistic: the conditioning that has caused such damage to our environment and made the world such a dangerous place will not disappear just because a few of us start planting trees or using our cars less.